We have another great episode of MS Project Podcast  for you to listen. In this episode of MS Project Podcast, host Prasanna Adavi talks to, Dale Howard, Director of Education at Sensei Project Solutions.

He is a Project MVP, prominent author, speaker, trainer and consultant in MS Project and Project Server solutions.

He is also co-author of several books, including Managing Enterprise Projects Using Microsoft Project Server 2010, Implementing and Administering Microsoft Project Server 2010 and many more.

Listen to this discussion, where we discuss in detail about some of the common mistakes people do while using MS Project and then end up not liking the tool. Hopefully, we can throw some light into this and clear some of the misconceptions.
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One comment on “Ep 18: Common mistakes in using MS Project – Talking to Dale Howard, Project MVP

  1. Hi Prasanna and Dale,

    Thanks for this great episode! Audio was great, and content was awesome!
    One (maybe more but this one bugged me) question for Dale:

    What was THE THING that you learned during that training about MS Project?

    And I totally agree about the Peek unit, I wrote a couple of posts about that subject but it remains a strange “solution for a bugfix”.

    Thanks for the great interview again,

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