MS Project Podcast returns after a long hiatus, but returns with an awesome episode for you to listen. In this episode of MS Project Podcast, host Prasanna Adavi talks to, Mike McLean, Senior Program Manager  at Microsoft working in the Microsoft Office Division.

His focus is on cloud computing and online services. Most recent experience includes shipping Project Online, an Office 365 service. Prior to shipping Project Online, he helped ship the initial release of SharePoint Online for Office 365.

Mike has spent the past 10 years shipping various products for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle in a variety of roles including Software Development, Design, and Program Management. He enjoys driving complex projects, learning new technologies, and working with great people.

Listen to this ‘Power’ packed (see what we did there?) discussion, where we discuss in detail about Power BI, Project Online Reporting, Various Hybrid Scenarios and so on. We also discuss the Project Online Content Packs available in Power BI as a starter pack.
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A quick note: you will find that in a couple of places, the names of competitors were bleeped out. It was just done to make sure we do not infringe on any copyright issues.

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