In Episode 14 of MS Project Podcast, hosts Prasanna Adavi and Dave Fletcher talk to Greg Bailey, ProSymmetry, about their cutting edge Resource Management product called Tempus Resource. 

Greg is the Vice President WorldWide Sales at ProSymmetry, but many of users might remember him as the Founder and CEO of SharkPro Software. Greg  has also a lot of experience leading international teams and partners for over 25 years . He was also the Vice President of eLabor’s Resource Planning Division until the Enterprise Project product was acquired by Microsoft.

Tempus Resource provides managers and stakeholders with the ability to rapidly gauge resource over- and under-allocations, identify opportunities to re-allocate resources, answer the question “when can a project start”, and conduct what-if analyses by simulating changes to project timing.

Listen to this discussion, where Greg discusses in detail about Tempus R, what it can do and some real-life scenarios where it addresses some of the pain points with Project Server.

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